Tips on how to name your pet

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Bringing a pet home is an overwhelming feeling. The task involves a lot of thing such as convincing the family, learning how to care for it, preparing a homely environment for the pet, and the most important thing is to name it.

Naming a pet can be a tricky task, especially when there are a bounty of names to choose from. How will you find what is right for it? Will your pet like it? There are a lot of things to consider. The best way to shortlist the names is by thinking on how or what type of name you want for your pet. You can name it according to the bond you share or by considering the pets’ likes and dislikes or its habits.

One surprising fact to understand is that more than half of all pets around the world have either human names or nicknames. Pet owners usually name their pets just like they would have named themselves or someone in their family. People also name their pets based on their pet’s personality or appearance. For instance, a goldfish is usually named as Goldy or a black cat is called Blacky or Midnight.

Some more tips to help you:

  • Find a name that your pet can easily recognize. Something with two or three syllables would be great.
  • Avoid a complicated name.
  • Choose a name according to its breed.
  • Look for suggestions on the internet.
  • Some interesting names for your pets can be the molecule, atom, love, chocolate, wine, mister, truffle, alcohol, positive, dexter, lady, etc.