Different Cost-Saving Advantages of Cable Trays

Cable Tray Manufacturers in UAE

Cable trays are the popular solution to your messy web of wires all around your place. According to the cable tray manufacturers in UAE these are used widely in the construction of buildings and houses to organize the hanging wires and keep them hidden under the buildings. They not only help manage them, but also protects from the hazardous environment along with enhancing the look of your space.

Choosing a reliable and cost-effective equipment is what everyone’s wish. By cost effective means it should be a good  conductor, high in quality, and the complexity of installation should be comparatively low. The cable tray manufacturers in UAE stated the benefits of cable trays.

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  • Design cost: Every project needs a rough drawing to evaluate an approximation of installation considering all the factors. As the cable trays are designed in a way that it is easy to exit and enter the wire which reduces the time and cost spent on design. The final layout gets ready quickly than from the conduits.
  • Material cost: There is a wide variety available to choose according to your budget. The coat of the trays depends on the usage, types of cable and space availability. The material quality also differs depending on the electrical loads and so is the cost. The cost of the trays hardly exceeds and saves a lot of money.
  • Maintenance cost: Generally the failure of the material is due to the moisture it accumulates. This causes electric faults and deterioration of the conduit systems. The cable trays are excellent when it comes to protecting the cables from moisture formation. They require very less or even no maintenance as the cable trays have sturdy and robust structure.
  • Installation cost: If compared to the conduit systems the cost of the cable trays are 75% less because of less complexity and magnitude of the wiring system. The cable tray manufacturers in UAE says that the price of labor, material, and equipment altogether decides the installation cost. However, it requires less labor for installing cable trays.


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