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Doctors Advice To Patient With Acidic Stomach


Burning sensation that starts in the stomach and that that hits back at your chest with the rapid force, pain and irritation are the signs of acid reflux or GERD. When you have realized that you are acidic stomach and it causes problems in your life, consult a good and gastroenterologist in Dubai to get his advice on ways to reduce the symptoms and even end them.

There are certain symptoms such as ulcers and different kinds of heart disorders which resemble GERD. A good gastroenterologist in Dubai helps you in the diagnosis of the disorder.

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What is stomach acid?

Stomach acid please a very important role in digesting food. It mixes with the food we intake and start breaking down the food into the simple component and prepares it for absorption of nutrients and vitamins in the small intestine. In some cases, stomach acid causes ulcers if there is any change in the production of this acid or sensitivity that makes even regular levels problematic.

Your doctor may advise you to take anti-acid medicines or antihistamines. He adds that these medications can have an anticipated side fracture, so people should use this medicine is cautiously and thoughtfully.

Patients are advised to stay away from food that causes reflux issues and damage to the esophagus. Foods that cause acid reflux are fried foods, fatty foods, citrus fruits and juices, tomato products, coffee et cetera.

Patients should also avoid smoking and keep a tab on what they drink and the quantities of drinks.Beverages such as alcohol, soda, and coffee often result in reflux problems. He may advise you to switch to drinking your water to feel healthy and great.

If medicines and lifestyle changes failed to reduce or eliminate acidic stomach, doctors in Dubai will suggest you go for surgery as it is the last option to put an end it to acid reflux. At lap surgery, we have a team of trained and experienced gastroenterologist to help you with the diagnosis and treatment. For more details visit