Grooming essential for pets

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A well groomed pet looks clean, happy and healthy. It has no hair on eyes. clean and fresh fur, clean teeth, clipped nails and pest-free skin, all of which can make it feel uncomfortable. Therefore you must always invest in good tools for pet grooming in Dubai. On the contrary, an improperly groomed pet can have adverse effects on the pet and can lead to serious condition and pricey vet bills. Let us take a look at the results of improper grooming.

Long Hair:  long hair can not only make the cats and dogs feel uncomfortable, but can also cause skin problems to these pets. Long hair falling over the eyes can not only blur the vision but also cause various eye problems. Un-brushed and unclean long hair can lead to matting, which can cause them a burden to walk.

Matting: when the pets are not properly washed and brushed it often causes matting. This is very painful and can lead to numerous skin conditions. In severe matting cases the blood flow is restricted which pulls the pet’s skin tightly and cause pain.

Double Coating: irregular brushing or not brushing at all can cause coating and a double coating of grime on the pet’s coat. This often makes the pet to suffer from heat stress.

Overgrown Nails: long or overgrown nails can cause discomfort to the pet and can also cause pain. Long nails can also lead to infection and/or cause bending of its toes hence causing difficulty in walking.


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