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How To Use Canon DSLR Camera Like Pro


If you want to use your DSLR like a pro, you need to understand the relationship between 3 essential elements, ISO, Shutter speed and aperture of your canon DSLR better.Consider canon DSLR  price in Dubai before buying one.

ISO is one of best features DSLR has, it is a measure of how sensitive your image sensor is to light. The ISO sensitivity ranges from 100 to ISO 6400 and above.

canon dslr camera price in dubai

If a photograph is shooting on a bright sunny day where there is a lot of exposure to light, he could use low ISO number like 100-200 to produce images of the highest quality with very little grain.If the photograph is shooting inside a dark museum where there is no much light available for the camera sensor, he may have to use high ISO numbers like 3200 to produce a correctly exposed image.

Shutter speed is the amount of time the shuttle of your camera is kept open. It determines how fast or slow the camera records the images. The slow the shutter speed is the more light falls on the sensor, on the contrary, the faster the status speed, the less light the sensor receipts.

Shutter speed plays an important role in freezing any moment in a picture (using fast shutter speed to create the effect of action shot) or blurring any motion in a picture (waterfall by reducing the shutter speed).

Aperture can be described as the size of the opening of the lens through which the light the allowed to pass whenever the shutter is opened. The aperture is measured in f and displayed as f/number example f/2.0, f/2.8, f/3.8, f/4.0 etc where f is the focal length/diameter of the opening.

It’s important to know the relation between the three important aspects while capturing images. The aperture, ISO and shutter speed control the amount of light entering the camera or the amount of light required by the camera. Change in one of the settings may have an impact on the other two, so be careful.

Before pressing their shutters, successful photographers must have a positive attitude and proper understanding of their subjects and their surroundings. if you are looking for good DSLR cameras to shoot like pro visit