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Interior Ideas For Pet  Shop

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Fit out companies in Dubai reveal that most of their clients request them to provide them with attractive and appealing designs and interiors for their pet shops.

Considering the number of pet shops in Dubai, fit out companies are always in search of new ideas and inspirations to provide their clients with unique designs.

Here are a few interior tips and ideas for designing a pet store –

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Reserve a special corner for each type off pet. See that there is a recreational area for each type of pet where it can spend some fun time. This way, not just the pet but the pet owner too will like the store and has a reason to comeback.

Having a wall of suggestions would be a great idea to keep pet owners entertained! Fill the wall with some interesting facts like how to take care of the pet or interesting pet names. Such walls will be a big attraction!

If it is a pet grooming salon then see to it that there is a separate corner for washing, drying and a separate fun area. The store should be spacious enough to accommodate number of pets.

If it is a pet care center then see to it that you create a separate corner for the pets to sleep. Try to design the spaces resembling mattresses or animal beds. This way, the pet will feel comfortable and the pet owner will relaxed that the pet will be in safe hands.

Use a pictorial description of things to do and things to avoid when designing the shop. You can either use pet silhouettes or 3D shapes to make it more appealing.  

Do you own a pet shop or are you planning to open one? Good luck with the plan and for the best interior designs for your store in Dubai, contact Subgate Interiors.