Is PPR pipe safe and hygienic?  

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When it comes to the water services in a building, these systems can be  complex in terms of installation and  material selection. You would require a hot and cold water supply system that is easy to install, have a long life, trouble free maintenance and of course is hygienic and safe for supplying drinking water. Out of all, the PPR piping system exactly suits all these requirements. Developed three decades ago the  PPR (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) piping system is utilized for hot and cold water supply systems around the world. Because of this popularity there are many suppliers of PPR pipes in UAE.

The main reason for the success of PPR pipes is the comprehensive technical performance of this material in a very cost effective way. This type of piping system is suitable for sanitary and potable water applications.

PPR Pipes in UAE

For the supply of drinking water, PPR pipes can be used. They have a high resistance to chemicals, fungal growth and bacterial growth. It has a long life and keeps fresh water fresh. The harmful UV rays cannot affect the PPR pipes and therefore keeps the drinking water safe. Moreover the corrosion resistance property of these pipes ensure of a clean supply of water.

Being hygienic and food grade in nature, the PPR piping systems are also used in hospitals and other medical facilities. These pipes are light in weight and therefore are easy to carry from on place to another. The PPR (polypropylene random copolymer) material, these are made of is nontoxic, hence making sure that the drinking water transported through these pipes is 100% clean and pure, thereby fit for drinking.

These pipes are considered by many because the plumbing and installing expenses are significantly reduced. Moreover, fusion welding method is used for joining a new pipe fitting to the existing piping system, which is safe and quick.

Bonn Group is a famous supplier of PPR pipes in UAE and is a renowned company for manufacturing genuine PPR products. So if you are looking to install PPR plumbing system for drinking water in a commercial building, then you must contact the company through their website